Andrey Gritsman


At Grandparents’, The Chaffin Journal, 10/20/06

Autumn Tirade, Notre Dame Review, 8/12/05

Batture, Phantasmagoria, 8/25/05

Bed Bath & Beyond, Ship of Fools, 8/13/08

Between Two Cultures, Writer’s Chronicle, 8/08/06

Botanical Garden, Bayou Magazine, 4/30/04

Breakfast, Broome Review, 1/26/11

Christmas Poem, Hawai’i Review, 1/05/05

Concerning the Situation, A Gathering of Tribes, 2/22/11

Conversion, Harpur Palate, 11/08/10

Crimea, Fourth River, 5/31/11

Dark Room, Hotel Amerika, 5/24/05

Deer Accident in New Jersey, Nimrod International Journal, 7/07/05

Departure, Carquinez Poetry Review, 10/26/05

Dialogue, Spoon River Poetry Review, 12/13/03

End of the Millennium, Talking River, 3/19/07

Exodus, Schuylkill Valley Journal, 2015

First Prozac, Upstreet, 3/23/10

Forget the Wedding, Tampa Review, 4/29/09

Found Poem Found No Answers, Killer Verse: Poems of Murder and Mayhem, 2011

Gathering Stones, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, 4/05/05

Holocaust, Confluence, 8/02/05

Homework, South Carolina Review, 10/18/04

Hope, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, 7/31/04

Houston, Texas (Inside the Loop), Spillway, 8/29/06

Incident At A Restaurant, Schuylkill Valley Journal,  9/20/13

In Her Flight, Texas Review, 1/04/11

In Memoriam, Sanskrit, 2/16/10

In Memory of Bella Akhmadulina, Anemone Sidecar, 12/09/11

In Memory of Fellini, Ellipsis: Literature and Art, 3/15/05

Insomnolence, Epicenter, 12/12/05

Invisible Empire, Epicenter, 5/29/08

Island in the Sky, Cairn, 7/18/06

Kalinin-City of Tver, Paper Street, 1/19/07

Letter, Poet Lore, 1/28/05

Life Support, Fortnight Magazine, 12/12/07

Literary Event, Absinthe: New European Writing, 12/10/09

Melting Pot, Euphony, 4/16/08

Morgue, Cimarron Review, 3/14/07

Moscow Cinema, Harpur Palate, 11/08/10

Moscow, November 1963, Richmond Review (UK), 8/23/06

Mount Holyoke, Binnacle, 3/07/06

My Father, Cimarron Review, 3/14/07

My Life, Edgz, 1/05/05

New Jersey Gothic, Hawai’i Review, 1/05/05

New Jersey Grill, Smoking Area, Puerto del Sol, 1/05/07

Notes on the Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Edgz, 1/05/05

Old Crimea, Epicenter, 12/05/05

On the Way Home, Hubbub, 5/31/06

One Day We’ll Go, Diner, 1/05/05

Pacific Highway, Schuylkill Valley Journal,  9/20/13

Passengers, Richmond Review (UK), 8/23/06

Personal Chemistry, Cairn, 7/18/06

Photograph, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, 7/31/04

Poet In Exile: Circa 21st Century, International Ovidius Lit Festival 2011

Poetry, Reed Magazine, 2/21/06

Poetry Reading, Hiram Poetry Review, 6/25/08

Portrait of the Species, Writer’s Notes, 5/30/06

Positano, Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, 8/20/04

Prague Spring, International Poetry Review, 2/02/06

Reception, Evansville Review, 2/02/06

Return, New Orleans Review, 3/25/04 and Bayou Magazine, 4/30/04

Revisiting the City, Blue Mesa Review, 7/30/07

Riverside Park, Hurricane Review, 12/24/08

Root Canal, Confrontation, 4/30/04

Seven Cards, EDGE, 1/28/11

Sisters, Denver Quarterly, 12/12/05

Soccer Reggae, Visions International, 6/29/11

The Stones in the Rain, The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, 7/13/13

Story, Controlled Burn, 11/04/04

Stranger At Home, Minnetonka Review, 10/01/08

Study of Them, Bayou Magazine, 4/30/08

Subway Love, Token Entry: NYC Subway Poems, 4/4/12

Syntax of Night, Puerto del Sol, 1/05/07

The Poet In Intercultural Space, Richmond Review (UK), 8/23/06

The Situation is Sad, Absinthe: New European Writing, 2/10/09

Thy Image, Denver Quarterly, 12/12/05

Tijuana, Left Curve, 10/01/08

Triangle, Eclipse, 2/09/05

V.A., Nimrod International Journal, 7/07/05

Vermeer, Carquinez Poetry Review, 10/26/05

Wake Up, Post Road, 12/08/04

When the Psyche-Life, RiverSedge, 12/27/06

When We Are Old, Mochila Review, 1/20/05


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