Andrey Gritsman


Cervena Barva Press

I think that writing poetry is an autonomous process, not very much related to external life or events. Having said this, however, some event or turn in life’s path may trigger a poem, but usually this is mostly an internal process.

Talking Across the Table, by Daniel M. Jaffe

I agree that themes of isolation and loneliness are important to me. I think one has to be true to himself and to his writing and it is best to write about what you feel. I certainly don’t sit at the table or a computer and then decide that today I will write about loneliness or about something else. These things just happen.

Elena Mancini, LOGOS

In this wonderful essay in Long Fall, “The poet in intercultural space,” you talk about intonation as the feature that separates original writing from a product that is born out of “borrowed” air.  Could you elaborate on what you mean by “intonation”?



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